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How to understand the parameter marked on the switch?

How to understand the parameter marked on the switch?Knoledge of switch parameter include rating,voltage,working enviroment tempreture,certificate mark,eletrical life etc.

Sketch Of Rating
1、In IEC (TUV、VDE、ENEC、CQC) rating :
  KCD4 16(4)A  250VAC  5E4  μ  T125  IP30 
*KCD4: This is the switch type.
*16(4)A: The value”16” is placed before the round brackets indicating the rated current for resistive load. And the RATED CURRENT for motor load “4” is placed between round brackets and immediately follows the RATED CURRENT for resistive load. The inrush current =6 X the rated current for motor. And the inrush current is 6 times as much as the rated current for motor.

*5E4:It means the operating cycles (endurance) for switch should reach 50,000 cycles . Information about the rated OPERATING CYCLES shall be provided in a scientific manner by using symbol “E”, indicating the exponent. For SWITCHES for 10 000 OPERATING CYCLES according to IEC this information is not necessary.

*μ : The symbol for MICRO-DISCONNECTION. The switch with “ μ ” mark means switch can not pass 1.500V of dielectric strength between terminals across disconnection but can pass that of 500V .These switches can use in all household and similar electrical appliances . except stationary appliances under the condition of switch regarded as the means to ensure all-pole disconnection from the supply mains.

*T125 :“T”is the symbol for Ambient Temperature Limit(s) SWITCH. Information about rated ambient temperature shall be provided by indicating the lower temperature value preceding the letter“T”, the higher temperature value following the letter “T”. If no lower temperature value is given, the lower temperature value is 0 °C.

For Example:
1) 25 T 85 :(meaning -25 °C up to +85 °C)
2) T 85 :(meaning 0 °C up to +85 °C)
additional remarks:
If no information is given, the rated ambient temperature range is 0 °C up to 55 °C. For SWITCHES only partially suitable for a rated ambient temperature higher than 55 °C, the information shall be
provided as follows:
T 85/55 (meaning up to 85 °C for the SWITCH body and up to 55 °C for the ACTUATING MEMBER).

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